I absolutely love Dr. Pugliese and the staff at Eltingville Vet. When I come there, I know that my dogs are being treated like family, and to me, that is priceless. I have searched for a long time for a vet that feels like home, and I am never leaving 🙂 Thank you for taking care of my beautiful Tyla, especially in her last days and moments. I havent been able to truly thank you because I have been having a hard time talking about it. My heart is grateful for all of you.
Have a nice day.

When we were in a panic, Dr.Pugliese was there in a flash to calm us down and take care of everything. Having a wonderful, caring doctor by your side in your time of need is what you get at Eltingville Veterinary Practice. Thank you Dr. Pugliese and your wonderful staff.
-Stephanie B.

Dr Pugliese took care of Prince-the cat thrown from the 13th floor of the Arlington Houses. She amputated his front leg because the fractures he sustained were beyond anything that could be done to save the leg. She would have saved his leg if possible. Prince received wonderful care. He again began to experience true kindness. Forever grateful. He is on the road to recovery!
-Pat C.

Dr. Pugliese is a wonderful veterinarian. She is kind, compassionate, caring and understands how much pain we go through, when we come to her upset and worried about our pets. The whole staff is also wonderful!
-Marlene B.

I was very impressed with Dr. Pugliese and her staff. You could tell in a second their love and affection for the pets and it shows in all of their attention to detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Veterinary Practice.
-Joseph S.

Dr. Pugliese always took care of my beloved Jack with great skill and compassion. When he was diagnosed with a serious illness, I put my complete faith and trust in her. She treated JACK as if he was her own dog…he loved to see her and I could see she loved him. What better recommendation could there be?
-Edward M.